sampler winter 2014 - 2015

by sleepover records

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sampler tape to celebrate the holidays as well as final ellen degenerate show. got most sleepover artists on here! unreleased tracks! art by alan naranjo

doesn't have a catalog number bc not a 'real release'


released December 20, 2014

thx to everyone who's on here!

chaeli allen, nina marie, jack dutt, walker russell, dawson goodrich, devon covert, jimmy buck, alan naranjo, nellie van dyke, jack riebe, and marlon perchuk



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sleepover records Newtown, Connecticut

a record label based out of newtown CT

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Track Name: chaeli allen - spring break
i'll pretend i'll always be with you
and i'll run outside when your car pulls up
like i'll always be your friend

i want the rest but they flew away
i think i heard them say
maybe i'll catch a plane or two
but i don't think i'll be back in time
to say hello to you

i have plans for my sleep
they keep talking to me
i can't hear a word they say
next april don't go away
Track Name: stampeter - flowers that grow under the fences
auschwitz snowfall in her eyes
metal gates built up so high
in her heart, in her house
don't let them get to her tonight
boots in the snow/trees fall down
riding the pavement
holding you down
blood on the ground
dandelion smoke gets in my eyes from time to time
Track Name: jimmy buck - jimmy's uke song
you'll find me under my sheets
drowning myself with insignificant memories
of the time i lost not too long ago
i speak to you only in silence
your ears ring you walk inside relax
it's only a dream

and one day you'll wake up and i'll be just fine
it pains me to see you this way all the time
you tell me these things i just wanna see them
i think of the times you kept me up nights those were fine

so long and farewell and goodbye
this is the last time
Track Name: stampeter - i'm sorry let's try this again
orion tied your hands back
with his belt
behind your body
the stars fixed in the sky
the scars shine for you
i've never seen someone so blue
laugh as hard as you do
when you laugh at my jokes
even if it wasn't me who spoke

all your friends are dead and gone
or just sleeping

field guide to connecticut
and the contours of your body
but i only skimmed the pages in the back
a graveyard up upon a hill
looking down upon a lakeside
and the losers that get caught up in the cracks
Track Name: flowering - how does summer feel?
i am the summer
useless and wet
the only thing i've ever met
i am the summer
it's in my blood
the only thing i've ever loved

you are the winter
i'd be gone already if you were here
i am the summer
awkward grace
diving in that same old lake

they are the summer
sweaty palms and
kitchen knives and
yellowed by streetlights

tearing out my heartstrings
Track Name: ellen degenerate - going home
i don’t think I’ve learned a lesson
don’t think I’ve learned anything
the one thing i will confess is
that i’m…

i slept alone in the cabin last night
i slept restlessly
the one thing i will confess is
that i’m, going home tonight

there’s something about the trees here
that make me wanna puke
there’s something about the people

i see the cars passing by
my window at night
i wonder where they’re going
so late at night

I’m tired of snowy sidewalks
and tired of colder days
and even if the spring comes
the feeling always stays

so take me with you when you leave
it might be my only chance
already fucked up the first one
cause i’m going home tonight
Track Name: stampeter - bye
the moon shines on
cracks along the pavement
worms that squirm
and turn into dust
in the dirt
i won't feel a thing except your fingers on my spine
fingers on my back
window shades pulled tight
and coffee steaming black
steaming back to the place that we used to hang out
all those years in your basement
i know that i won't get them back
my coffee steaming black
window shades pulled tight
coffee steaming black
i love you so much
i love you so fuck off
leave me alone
Track Name: flowering - ronnie ronaldo (frankie cosmos cover)
i thought about you for days
through the house i yelled your name
ronnie ronaldo
ronnie ronaldo
we got something special
itd be crazy not to
ronnie ronaldo
ronnie ronaldo
if your butt touched my butt
would you be like so what?
or would you think it was cool
help me break all the rules
ronnie ronaldo
hi how are ya?
ronnie ronaldo
hi how are ya!
Track Name: grass stains - my dads were wrong
you told me you can't catch a man
he's already dead
the dead man says he couldn't get my dog to stay in his yard
its a funny thing tho
cause i don't actually have any dogs

i know i know
it isn't very nice to generalize
i know i know
that cursing up on stage makes me feel pretty cool, right?
asshole, asshole
i guess my dads were wrong
i guess it makes it alright
Track Name: grass stains - neener
i could never believe in what others believe in
but i wish i could believe them
for the slightest sense of relief
i know i never will
but i wish i could

half of everyone is who else is around
so who are you when i am not around?
where will our bodies be when our names are
spoken for the last time?

there are things that i will never see
but i wish that i could see them
break me in, break me out
these days are weighing me down
don't way me down
Track Name: flowering - braille pt. 1
a kid you have never seen before walks by you in school
they slip you a note
you open it
its every beautiful thing you have ever seen
spelled out in braille
Track Name: stampeter - snowman for a snowman
call me
what you want to
take me
with conviction
call me
on the telephone tonight
if you want to
if you have the time
tell me where you're going
before you go there
so i can go there too
and it's so cold outside and i need somebody to hold
it's so cold outside and i need somebody just as cold
as i can be
Track Name: summer murder - the ocean is cold and scary and so are you
the ocean is cold
the ocean is scary
and so are u

suicide ain't fun
the first time around
it's not your fault
our love just didn't abound

i got a reason to be scared of you
you're intimidating like my old friend's dad
in a hot way tho
i mean... uh... sorry about that

the ocean is cold
the ocean is scary
and so are u